Jan 19, 2024 Our Paper Rethinking Human-AI Collaboration in Complex Medical Decision Making: A Case Study in Sepsis Diagnosis is accepted by CHI’24! See you in Hawaii!🏖️
Oct 20, 2023 I will give an invited talk about our ICML2023 paper “Cooperative Open-ended Learning Framework for Zero-shot Coordination” at DAI2023. See you in Singapore on November 2023!
Aug 20, 2023 I’m excited to begin my visit to Northeastern University at Boston Campus! As of September 2023, I’ll be a visiting PhD student at the NEU-HAI Lab, under the supervision of Prof. Dakuo Wang.
Aug 15, 2023 A white paper about large-scale pre-trained and multi-agent reinforcement learning published in CCCF: Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning in (Open-ended) Multimodal Environments (in Chinese).
Apr 25, 2023 Our Paper Cooperative Open-ended Learning Framework for Zero-Shot Coordination is accepted in ICML 2023! Can’t wait to see you in Hawaii on July! 🏖️
Apr 17, 2023 I will serve as a student volunteer at CHI2023. See you in Hamburg on 23rd April!😊
Jan 7, 2023 Our paper “GeoDeepShovel: A Platform for Building Scientific Database from Geoscience Literature with AI Assistance” gets accepted in Geoscience Data Journal. Our system is avaliable at